An online crochet membership helping you to improve your crochet skills

Stop relying on YouTube – Learn to read patterns – Projects designed to help you improve

Gain more confidence with crochet, improve your crochet skills and be part of a collaborative community.

Are you getting all the benefits from crochet?

If you…

  • can’t read a pattern
  • struggle to remember the basic stitches
  • spend hours searching YouTube and struggle to find what you’re looking for
  • have a growing pile of WIPs that you can’t face or finish
  • wish you could make more of the projects that you admire
  • you don’t know anyone else who crochets that can help you

…say yes to any of those then you need the Hooked on Crochet Club to help you get more from crochet!

Your successpath in the clubhouse

Our clubhouse is designed to move you along the successpath.  Whether you’re a Dabbler or a Designer, we can help you succeed!

the Hooked on Crochet Club

You can learn more in the clubhouse

Texture, rounds and rows

a new theme each month to help you develop and master different techniques

Two projects each month

a small project with written pattern and pre-recorded video so that you can develop the confidence and skills you need to take on the larger project

A square and live tutorial every month

a simple square to help you learn to read patterns and charts and as a tool to start designing your own projects

Pattern notes

all our projects come with notes to guide you with alterations so that you can adapt them to make what you want!

Start putting yourself and your craft first

If you struggle with crochet It’s because you’re like many others who haven’t learned all of the basics first.  You most likely learned from a friend, relative or a few you tube videos and therefore have gaps in your crochet knowledge.  We’re here to help fill in those gaps!

You can get everything you need from YouTube. True, you probably can. But how many hours do you waste searching for the video you need with instructions you can follow? Instead you can have direct access to someone that can help you directly and can provide a tutorial to answer your question. And not only that, you’ll learn to read patterns and no longer rely on videos!


You think that crochet is just a hobby so you shouldn’t spend the money to learn more – crochet is more than a hobby!  It’s therapeutic and helps you to reduce the stress that you’re feeling in life.  And you have the added bonus of creating beautiful items for yourself and/or your loved ones.

 You don’t have time for crochet so won’t be able to make all of the projects we provide –  our successpath is designed to help you find more time and you aren’t expected to create every project we provide.  In the Hooked on crochet club we’ll help you to discover what crochet projects you love more and you will want to make more time for it.  You’ll start to enjoy crochet more and finish more of the projects that you start.

Every month you get...

An opportunity to win at least $50 of yarn

2 x projects designed to improve on your crochet skills

1 x pre-recorded video tutorial for 1 project

1 x square pattern with live video tutorial

4 live hook & learn sessions, 2 of them Q&A for your questions

Access to written/pictorial/video stitch guides to basic & special stitches

Access to a private, clubhouse only facebook group and clubhouse leader

In addition to this you will get clubhouse only discounts to yarn and events as they arise! PLUS you get access to all of the previous projects!

All for $25AUD per month (less than $18USD)

Hear what some of our members have said…

Working from home can have its ups and down. So when I am looking for a pick me up I get out the challenge for the month from the crochet club. It keeps me wanting to finish something and gets me back in the mood to work. I just have to make sure crochet is not taking over.😉 So I am really enjoying being part of the club, love that Seona is always so helpful and Wednesday hook and learn session are great for me to expand my skills for the love of crochet. Melissa

I am enjoying being a member of your clubhouse as I don’t really know any crocheters in person so you all are my tribe so to speak.I love your videos and challenges and tutorials. Looking forward to learning more of this craft with a great group of people thanks to you putting all this together. Thank youDebbie

I’m enjoying being part of the Clubhouse as it has opened up so many possibilities for crochet to me. Love seeing everyone’s projects and the enjoyment others get from completing a project. Thank you Seona for coming up with this unique concept. Vicky

Whenever i have a question, Seona answers it quickly, she seems to have FB open all the time! Also, my questions are usually regarding other projects that I am working on right now, and she graciously answers any and all requests for help on these projects. That is huge for me. It’s like having my own personal crochet coach 🧶❤️ Tia

My crochet skills have increased since joining, due to the videos, questions and clear patterns. Thank you for your prompt replies Seona, it’s great to get an answer quickly!
The clubhouse provides a platform to see others achievements, which inspire 
me to keep motivated on projects. The Facebook group and website are set up well, which makes it easy to locate information and the videos are perfect. Seona you are awesome at what you do and thank you for creating this club and the learning corner as well 😁 Sheridan

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